The Ride Space App

Create and Find Rideshares to Brighton

When in doubt, carpool. Traffic is the worst. So is hurting the environment. Avoid both by carpooling to Brighton. With the Ride Space app, you can claim a spot in an existing carpool or host your own rideshare.

The Ride Space App

How it Works

R.I.D.E stands for Reducing Individual Driving for the Environment. Cut down on solo rides up the canyon by using the Ride Space app to connect with other skiers and riders on their way up to the resorts. 

  • Download the Ride Space app for iOS. Android app coming soon!
  • Select your resort (i.e. Brighton!) 
  • Use the app to find existing carpools or create your own 
  • Check in to your carpool and meet up at the designated park-n-ride
  • Ride up to Brighton, cutting down on canyon traffic and parking woes while saving time and money
  • Earn points for each rideshare and cash them in for cool rewards 
  • Enjoy preferred parking in the Brighton main lot on weekends, holidays and pow days

Earn Points. Redeem Rewards. 

For every ride you give or take, you earn points that can go towards cool rewards at Brighton. 


  • 1 point: Brighton sticker pack 
  • 5 points: Brighton grocery tote bag 
  • 10 points: One half-priced lift ticket to Brighton 

Redeem your rewards: 

  • Make sure to "Check in" for your rides on the app 
  • Go to the Sports Desk on the third floor of the Brighton Center 
  • Show the Sports Desk Agent your reward screen on your app 
  • Collect your reward!