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      • 7
      • Lifts Open
      • 65
      • Runs Open
      • 4
      • Terrain Parks Open
      • Open
      • Uphill Status
      • 73 "
      • Base
      • 258 "
      • Season To Date
      • Machine Groomed
      • Primary Surface Conditions


  • Last Updated: Wednesday, 01:05 AM


      • 7
      • Lifts Open
      • 65
      • Runs Open
      • 4
      • Terrain Parks Open
      • Open
      • Uphill Status
      • 73 "
      • Base
      • 258 "
      • Season To Date
      • Machine Groomed
      • Primary Surface Conditions
      • Machine Groomed
      • Secondary Surface Conditions
  • Last Updated: Wednesday, 03:05 PM

    Current Conditions

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  • Last Updated: Wednesday, 03:05 PM

    Weather Forecast

    • Overnight
      Low: 21°F
    • Wednesday
      High: 27°F
    • Wednesday Night
      Low: 16°F
    • Thursday
      High: 25°F
    • Thursday Night
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    • Friday
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    • Friday Night
      Low: 12°F

Snow Reporter's Comments

Brighton is now fully open for the 2021-2022 season.

Live Streams

Uphill Travel Policy

Uphill Travel Status

Uphill travel routes are now open, and the light is Green.  Uphill travelers need to park at the Brighton store at the entrance of the Brighton loop.  Please respect our uphill travel routes, and respect that when the light is RED uphill travel is closed.

Lifts & Trails

Last Updated: Wednesday, 01:05 AM
  • Open Open
  • Exercise Caution Exercise Caution
  • Closed Closed
  • 7/7
  • 65/66
Last Updated: Wednesday, 01:05 AM

Lift Status

Great Western Express
Snake Creek
Crest Express
Milly Express
Magic Carpet
Last Updated: Wednesday, 01:05 AM

Trail Status

  • Groomed Groomed
  • Open Western Trail More difficult
    Open Elk Park More difficult
    Open Golden Needle More difficult
    Open Thunderhead More difficult
    Open Lone Star More difficult
    Open Thor More difficult
    Open Wrangler Most difficult
    Open Aspen Glo Most difficult
    Open Silver Spur Most difficult
    Open Deperado Most difficult
    Open Elk Park Ridge Most difficult
    Open Rockin' R Most difficult
    Open Endless Winter Expert
    Open Rein's Run Expert
    Open Clarks Roost Expert
    Open True Grit Expert
  • Open Deer Park Easiest
    Open Sunshine Easiest
    Open Thunder Road Easiest
    Open Snake Creek Access Easiest
    Open Pioneer More difficult
    Open Easy Out More difficult
    Open Ziggy More difficult
    Open Pine Martin More difficult
    Open Doyles Dive Most difficult
    Open Hard Coin Expert
    Open Sawbuck Expert
    Open Snake Bowl Expert
  • Open Hawkeye Access Easiest
    Open Mary Back Easiest
    Open Lost Maid Easiest
    Open Lower Mary Easiest
    Open Hawkeye More difficult
    Open Powder Alley More difficult
    Closed Cat Track More difficult
    Open Lower Majestic More difficult
    Open Milly Access More difficult
    Open Shoulder More difficult
    Open Face Most difficult
  • Open Thunder Road More difficult
    Open Pacific Highway More difficult
    Open Wintergreen More difficult
    Open Tantamount More difficult
    Open Snow Drift More difficult
    Open Wren Hollow Most difficult
  • Open Backdoor Easiest
    Open Main Street Easiest
    Open Canyon Easiest
    Open Backbone More difficult
    Open Majestic Access More difficult
    Open Perris Bowl More difficult
    Open Christy Bowl More difficult
    Open Little Milly Most difficult
    Open Devil's Dip Most difficult
    Open Chute 2 Most difficult
    Open Boll Weevil Most difficult
    Open Exhibition Most difficult
    Open Spaghetti Most difficult
    Open Evergreen Most difficult
    Open Wee Willow Most difficult
    Open Lone Pine Expert
    Open Scree Slope Expert
    Open Captain Hook Expert
    Open Elevator Expert
  • Open Explorer Easiest
    Open Simon's Way Easiest
  • Terrain Parks
    Open My-O-My
    Open Majestic
    Open Candyland
    Open Pee-Wee
    Closed Bone Zone