The Rental Shop
23/24 Rentals Available Now

The Rental Shop

23/24 Rentals Available Now

We have what’s right for you – Whether you’re a first-timer, a small munchkin, or you crave park, powder, twin tip, all-mountain, or women’s specific equipment.


Shop Policies & More

    •  Besides shoes, there will be NO STORAGE of personal items in the shop. If you are planning on heading directly to the hill after getting your rentals, please come wearing all your gear. If you are in need of additional storage, daily and seasonal locker rentals are available. 
    •  To allow for a more precise boot fitting and to help prevent any potential need to switch out boots during the day, please only come with one good pair of ski socks. You do not need to layer socks and will be asked to remove any extra pairs.  
    •  A-la-carte ski boot rentals are available, however, to ensure a proper fit between your boots and skis, we cannot guarantee that we can fit personal bindings to our boots. Bindings must be compliant with manufactures indemnification requirements. Safety testing of the binding with the rental boot may be necessary. 
    •  Multi-day rates are available.
    •  Group rates start at 25 people. Please call for details. 
    • Day before rental pickups are available. Monday - Saturday pick ups are at 7p / Sundays at 3:30p. 
  • Standard Ski Package: The standard package is better suited for entry-level to intermediate skiers. We use the Head BYS system for comfort and convenience.

    High Performance Ski Package: The HP package is suited for intermediate to advanced skiers. We carry the Head LYT Tech Series: Pure Joy, Shape V4 and V5, Head Kore X Series: X80, X85, X90, paired with the Head Next Edge 80 Boot.  

    Demo Ski Package: This is our top-of-the-line ski option. To Demo a ski for the day, you will need your own boots or will need to rent boots from us. Skis consist of manufactures such as Head, Rossignol, Atomic and Salomon. Models include a variety of all-mountain to park to powder options.  s.

  • Standard Snowboard Package: The standard package is better suited for beginner to intermediate riders. We carry the Burton LTR (Learn to Ride) and Progression lines.

    High Performance Snowboard Package: The performance package is ideal for an intermediate rider and consists of Burton boots paired with Arbor boards.

    Demo Snowboard: This is our top-of-the-line board option. To demo a board for the day you will need your own boots, or you’ll need to rent boots. We carry a variety of Mervin, Cardiff, Niche, K2, and Arbor snowboards. No package option available. 


    Your Skier Type, height, weight, age, and boot sole length are used by the shop technician to determine the release/retention settings for your bindings. Consult these descriptions to select your classification. Be sure to provide accurate information. Errors may increase your risk of injury.

    If from experience, you have been dissatisfied with the release/retention settings that result from your skier classification, mention this to your binding technician.

    TYPE 1: Cautious skiing on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitch

    • Skiers who designate themselves as Type I receive lower than average release/retention settings. This corresponds to an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain releasability in a fall. This type also applies to entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification.

    TYPE 2: Skiers not classified as Type I or III

    • Skiers who designate themselves as Type II receive average release/retention settings appropriate for most recreational skiing.

    TYPE 3: Fast skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch 

    • Skiers who designate themselves as Type III receive higher than average release/ retention settings. This corresponds to decreased release-ability in a fall in order to gain a decreased risk of inadvertent binding release. (This classification is not recommended for skiers under 48lbs.)

23/24 Sno-Go Rentals


  •  Sno-Gos are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.
  •  If you are renting a Sno-Go for the first time, we highly recommend you book a private lesson with the Snowsports School. 
  • Before renting a Sno-Go, all renters must watch the following instructional video: 
Sno-Go Tutorial Video Master all levels of riding a Sno-Go by watching this step by step tutorial. Learn about all of your bikes features, proper etiquette on the mountain, how to ride a chairlift, and get carving turns within just a few runs.