Brighton is looking at the whole lifecycle of items to reduce our waste, from seeking out new avenues for recycling to successfully composting food scraps.


Recycling is an important waste diversion effort as it provides the opportunity for items to be reused.  In the state of Utah, the following items can be recycled within the services provided by Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling: 

 At Brighton, we have access to all these forms of recycling!  The biggest obstacle is providing recycling bins in places that are most accessible for guests.  At the beginning of the 2021-2022 season, Brighton will be significantly expanding their recycling options for guests.  The recycling bins will be in optimal spaces for the guest experience. 

 Brighton is also looking into a partnership with Momentum Recycling to provide a glass recycling container for guests and locals to Big Cottonwood Canyon. 

Reducing Single Use Items 

 Single use plastics are products made from petrochemicals that are used for a brief amount of time before being either disposed of or recycled.  300 million tons of plastic is produced each year worldwide – half of which is for single use items. 

 This is a massive amount of waste, and at Brighton we are moving towards reducing our dependence on single use items.  We have transitioned much of our to-go containers to compostable products and will be offering Path Water bottles for water. These are some of the ways we are attempting to reduce this aspect of our waste stream. 

For more information, follow our webpage by clicking here! 


Composting is the process of taking our food waste and turning it into some form of usable energy instead of having it sent to a landfill where it will inevitably break down and contribute to greenhouse gas. 

At Brighton, we are reducing our carbon footprint by sending our food waste to a facility where it is turned into usable methane gas, fertilizer, or soil.  At all of our restaurants & our coffee shop behind the scenes, we are taking what food waste we have from food prep or unpicked up leftovers and sending it to these facilities with the help of our hauler, Momentum Recycling. 

What started out as a piloting program has turned into something larger quite quickly.  Instead of committing to only 4 pick-ups, we have turned the one-month program into one that will last the remainder of the season. In just 7 weeks, we have diverted 6,960 lbs of waste from a landfill.