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Electric Vehicle Charging

Did you know Brighton installed a Level 3 wall charger on our vehicle shop after demand from our customers back in 2016? Now that electric vehicles are becoming more efficient and more popular, we are stepping up our game with the addition of two Level 2 chargers that will charge electric vehicles faster while you are out skiing.

Making a Difference

These level 2 chargers will provide most vehicles 18-28 miles of range per hour of charge! – Compared to our old charger which would only provide 3-5 miles per hour! Many of the benefits of electric vehicles stem back to the lack of direct emissions like those from gas- or diesel-powered vehicles.  

There has been an increased buildout of public charging stations throughout the United States that “make it easier than ever to drive long distances in an EV”. 

There are 4 preferred locations for charging stations: at home, at work, along highways, and in recreative locations. By providing our guests a place to charge while they ski, they don’t have to worry about the long drive home down the canyon. 

According to Global EV Outlook 2020, benefits of Electric vehicles include "zero tailpipe emissions, better efficiency than internal combustion engine vehicles and large potential for greenhouse gas emissions reductions when coupled with a low-carbon electricity sector.”

Our charging stations will be part of a nationwide network of ChargePoint chargers, meaning you can check the status of the charger and map it as a favorite location within your ChargePoint App or on 

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality is working to incentivize businesses like Brighton to provide charging stations for customers. Businesses and municipalities who qualify can receive superior funding for electric vehicle charging stations, reimbursing up to 50%. Additional rebates, like rebates from Rocky Mountain Power, provide added support. If you are a business owner, visit their websites to see if you qualify.