Community Involvement

Brighton is more than a resort, it's a community. Made up of generations of snow-lovers who have found their place here in the mountains. The riders, skiers, and employees that return here year after year are the reason we have the power to make a difference: As a community, we can commit to stewarding our environment and preserving it for future generations.

Get Involved

There are many events and happenings at Brighton.  That’s one of the best aspects of such a community-oriented resort. 

 Recently, we’ve began expanding our events to include more community- and environment-based events.  These include exploring the mountain in winter and summer with a naturalist, giving back to the community through clean ups, and getting stoked for our future by planting trees. 

Tree Events

 Tree events are in partnership with the United States Forest Service and Tree Utah.  Tree Utah is a local non-profit that is dedicated to reforesting the Wasatch Front.  Their work with Brighton is variable and multifaceted.  We have worked with these entities to establish two tree nurseries on site.  One is dedicated to trees that are purchased and relocated from other nurseries and the other is dedicated to trees that have been rescued through transplanting them from ski runs.  These trees will be planted in dedicated reforestation sites within Brighton – areas that have erosion, limited tree growth, and are out of the way of our favorite ski runs.  

Nature Exploration

Here at Brighton, we know that these mountains are places of calm, of gorgeous nature, of interacting with wildlife, and, most importantly, a space to get to know the natural world.  Those who know the natural world are bound to protect it.  This is so very important to us, especially with the implementation of ForeverProject – Brighton’s dedication to the environment and reducing our impact on it.  By providing opportunities for guests (young and old) to learn more about the natural world that makes up their favorite recreative location, Brighton is encouraging the development of passion for the environment.  These tours include skiing/snowboarding and hiking with an arborist, skiing with a naturalist, and hosting Wildflower Festival Events in partnership with the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation and the United States Forest Service 

 Community Service

After the snow melts, most ski resorts are faced with an overwhelming amount of litter left behind from skiers.  This is an unfortunate consequence of bad weather and crowds.  Each summer, Brighton staff and groups of volunteers get together to pick up this garbage to maintain a clean and healthy mountain for all our visitors and wildlife.  In the summer of 2021, Brighton began hosting Clean Up days for the public of Utah.  These included hiking with an arborist from Tree Utah while picking up garbage, as well as hosting events in partnership with the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation on National Public Lands Day and Canyon Restoration Day.  Brighton also works with local businesses and passionate groups of people to plan clean up days as community service hours.   

 Sustainability Education

Starting in the fall of 2021, Brighton Resort plans on hosting Green Drinks Events.  These will be events with free appetizers centered around various themes involving sustainability, the local economy, and advocacy opportunities.  This is a great chance to learn about positive changes happening within Utah as well as network with other individuals and organizations who are trying to make a difference regarding climate change.  More information TBA. 


For information about how to get involved in any of these programs, email