The Cleanest Snowcat on the Market

600e+ at Brighton Resort

Written by Erika Kazi

Brighton is excited to announce their adoption of one of the industry’s first diesel-electric hybrid snowcats as part of its commitment to a Net Zero Carbon future by 2030.

The Piston Bully 600e+ provides exceptional thrust, uses 20% less fuel, produces 20% less noise and has 20% less carbon emissions.

“Plenty of power. Lower emissions and less noise. Minimum operating costs. The PistenBully 600 E+ takes what seems like an impossible combination and makes it a reality: It is both the cleanest and the quietest snow groomer on the market.”

The combination of more power and less emissions is a no brainer. Brighton Resort will continue to monitor their snowcat fleet and implement new ways for their operations to become sustainable.

 This 600e+ beauty will join a fleet of Tier 4 or better snowcats, starting a new tradition of efficiency and lower environmental impact.

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