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Brighton Resort's Commitment to Sustainability

We Are Still All In – A Paris Agreement Renewal 

By Erika Kazi 

Brighton Resort has signed a letter with 1400 other organizations encouraging the upcoming Presidential Administration to rejoin The Paris Agreement.

What is The Paris Agreement?

The Paris Agreement stems from the Kyoto Agreement written in 1997 – both are international agreements made by over 55% of global governing bodies.  Where the Kyoto Agreement fell short in holding countries accountable for reaching their carbon reduction goals, the Paris Agreement stepped in and required monitoring, reporting, and reassessing of the individual and collective country targets over time.  This effort aided in the attempt to move the world closer to the broader objectives of the Paris Agreement deal, with requirements for countries to announce their next round of targets every 5 years. 

The final draft of the Paris Agreement was written at a United Nation’s Convention in Paris and published on December 12th of 2015.  The significance of the letter is that 195 countries came to an agreement that mitigating climate change was essential for the survival of our species. By November 4th, 2016, the United States formally joined the agreement.  By November 4th, 2020, we recoiled our participation. 

Why Should the United States Rejoin The Paris Agreement? 

This year, on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, Brighton Resort and 1400 other organizations signed a letter encouraging our next Presidential Administration to consider rejoining the agreement to join in the global effort to be held accountable for climate action. 

By joining this letter and the We Are Still All In effort, Brighton – like many other organizations – is expressing their own commitment to keep the global temperature change below 1.5 degrees Celcius - based on the global agreements laid out in the Paris Agreement and International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which published evidence that our temperature change caused since the start of the Industrial Revolution would be closer to 4 degrees Celcius and cause irreparable loss and climate catastrophe.  We pledge to do this with or without governmental support. 

By publicly signing this document, Brighton Resort joins a global effort to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions to try and maintain as much of our familiar climate as possible. 

Stay in the Know

Learn more about Brighton’s commitment towards combating climate change on our Sustainability page. You can read about our corporate-wide initiatives over on The Forever Project. 

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