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“Everesting” on Great Western with Caroline Gleich

Gleich plans to summit and descend Brighton’s Great Western about 20 times in order to accumulate 29,000 ft of elevation within just 24 hours.

Caroline Gleich raises awareness for the future of snow sports in ambitious climb at Brighton Resort

The Wasatch range doesn’t quite reach the heights of the Himalayas, but that’s not stopping Caroline Gleich from reaching for Everest.  Gleich plans to summit and descend Brighton’s Great Western about 20 times in order to accumulate 29,000 ft of elevation within just 24 hours, an incredible feat called “Everesting” – the first to be attempted in the Wasatch Range – on skis - for the first time in the world. 

One Hill, One Activity, No Time Limit, No Sleep: the rules of “Everesting."

Gleich has been a professional athlete and activist for a number of years, successfully summitting Everest/Chomolungma in 2019 with a fully torn ACL.  Additionally, Caroline is the first woman to ski all the lines in “The Chuting Gallery” – a steep skiing guidebook for the Wasatch Range – and was also the 2018 female team Skimo National Champion. 

 Her drive for reaching new heights and completing athletic challenges carries over into her activism with social and environmental justice.  She has testified to the House and Senate about how climate change is affecting snow sports and mountain towns.  Based out of Park City, UT, Caroline’s goal is to inspire people to get outside, lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and protect the places we play.  She aspires to encourage women to push their boundaries and create resilience in a historically male dominated pastime of snow sports and ski mountaineering. 

Climate Activism in the Wasatch

This 24-hour challenge, starting at 6 pm on Sunday, March 7th and ending at 6 pm on Monday, March 8th, she will begin her triumphant summit of 29,000 feet on Brighton’s Great Western.  The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness for the future of snow sports.  She will be collecting donations for Utah Clean Energy – with a goal of $5,000.  Additionally she encourages fans and people interested in climate action and snow sports to sign up for Protect Our Winter’s #CrushIt4Climate.   

 After completing the daunting 29,000-foot climbCaroline will summit the equivalent altitude of Mount Everest at Brighton.  She chose Brighton resort because of our commitment to Net Zero by 2030 and the familiarity of our beloved landscape. 

 Keep an eye out for Caroline on Monday as she hikes up and skis down the Northern aspects of Great Western.  Track her progress on her Twitter or Instagram. 

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