Brighton Resort's Commitment to Sustainability

Offsetting our Carbon Emissions

Brighton Resort Reduces Emissions 18% with Renewable Energy Credits

By Erika Kazi

Brighton Resort will reduce its emissions by 18% thanks to a corporate-wide purchase of Renewable Energy Credits by our corporate resort family, Boyne. The credit will offset 100% of our electricity use and put Brighton on track to achieve Net Zero by 2030.

What are Renewable Energy Credits?

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are a market-based instrument that provides the environmental, social, and non-power attributes of renewable electricity generation to purchasers. They are issued per megawatt-hour (MWh) as renewable energy resources are created to be delivered to the electricity grid. HOW DO RENEWABLE ENERGY CREDITS WORK?

RECs provide a simple way to support renewable energy generation and offset carbon emissions. For whatever quantity of energy use used at an organization, RECs can then replace that energy used by purchasing these credits to place the energy used back into the grid. This then drives the development of renewable energy products to replace those that come from fossil fuels, or non-renewable resources.

The Benefits of RECs:

  • Directly invest in renewable energy projects and infrastructure
  • Indirectly lower your carbon footprint by offsetting fossil fuel demand
  • Diversify your region’s energy portfolio
  • Make the energy grid more reliable as the demand for electricity increases with population growth

Thanks to a corporate-wide purchase by Boyne, Brighton will be joining many other ski resorts in feasible and practical reduction of energy needs. This Renewable Energy Credit purchase offsets 100% of our electricity use. That’s an 18% reduction in our emissions, setting us further on course to achieving the goal of Net Zero by 2030.

Moving forward, expect the investment in Renewable Energy Credits to be reduced as we navigate the reduction of our energy needs through onsite projects and developments – such as more energy efficient snow making, brighter LED on-mountain lighting, Electric Vehicle Shuttles, and more.

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