Brighton relies on cold winters, snowfall, and stable weather patterns; without these essential elements, our winters will become shorter, snowfall will decrease, and skiing as we know (and love) it will fundamentally change forever. Through various acts of advocacy, Brighton is able to leverage its platform to help educate the public on climate change, ensure that the government is considering climate change throughout their policy decisions, and help take the industry in a new direction.

Brighton is part of the National Ski Area Association’s Sustainable Slopes program, which is centered around a pledge to be stewards of the environment by: 

  • Incorporating sustainability into all aspects of our resorts
  • Leading by example and educate employees and guests about sustainability
  • Placing collaboration over competition when it comes to sustainability 
  • Advocating for climate protection

By engaging in Action and Advocacy, Brighton is dedicated to tracking, targeting, and reducing carbon emissions.  We have been in support of climate policy that will result in broad-scale emission reductions. Our support extends to joining in on climate change policy letters and campaigns to support the targeted emissions reductions for the nation.  We are in support of energy innovation and the transition to a clean energy economy. 

In addition to writing letters to essential policy makers, Brighton employees have spoken with local legislators, including Mayors and Senators, encouraging more engaged conversation at the state and federal level of expanding the clean energy economy within Utah. 

 For more information on the advocacy that we have engaged in, follow our sustainability page.

 To register to vote, please follow this link.