Brighton will reduce emissions by 30% by 2025 and reach Net Zero emissions by 2030

Brighton Ski Resort commits to the development and implementation of a sustainability program designed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact of the resorts day-to-day operations. We recognize the impacts climate change has on our beloved winter. We have reignited our commitment as a member of the ski industry to not only implement changes to continue having powder filled winter. We plan to lead our local community in advocacy and community enrichment in pursuit of this goal.

Brighton is a member of NSAA and endorses the Sustainable Slopes program. 

We Pledge To

  • Incorporate emissions reductions into all aspects of our resort.
  • Educate employees and guests about our local environment.
  • Place collaboration over competition when it comes to furthering our winters.
  • Advocate for widespread changes and local efforts.
  • Complete NSAA Climate Challenge Inventory annually to manage, track, and reach targets for resort operations.
  • Lead by example by implementing sustainable programs, initiating advocacy about climate change and the ski industry, and acting on behalf our dedication towards a snowy future and Net Zero by 2030.

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